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Blind Tasting


Blind tasting is a sensory experience that invites you to explore the world of wines in a completely new way, refining your senses and discovering the hidden nuances of each glass.
Like every other tasting journey, the experience is preceded by a guided tour of the underground cellar and production areas. We will accompany you on a discovery of every detail of the production stages, from harvest to aging, sharing some useful details and hints about the distinctive characteristics of the wines to be tasted later.

The journey includes the tasting of 4 wines, specially covered to hide their identity. During the tasting, participants will be invited to describe their sensory perceptions and to focus entirely on the aromas, flavors, and sensations that each wine evokes, then trying to match each glass to one of the types produced by the Winery. Our sommelier will provide insights and stories about the wines being tasted, enriching the tasters’ enological knowledge and revealing the secrets behind each bottle.

The tasting takes place in our specially prepared panoramic room, characterized by an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for concentrating on the olfactory and gustatory senses. Each participant (or team) will be provided with the profiles of some of our wines, among which the types proposed for tasting are hidden.

This is an excellent alternative to a classic “team building”: divided into teams, participants will have to cooperate, sharing ideas and sensations, and then elect a single type of wine to match each glass tasted. Blind tasting also allows you to improve your ability to recognize distinctive aromas and flavors, develop a deeper understanding of wines, and strengthen your confidence in your tasting abilities, all while enjoying an educational and fun experience in the company of other wine enthusiasts.

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