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The Winery

A family adventure

Oinoe was founded in 2013, when Alex Cerioli and his family reached the hill of Guardasone from the plains of Mantova, getting to the heart of the Italian Food Valley. As challenging as stimulating,  this project has always been aimed at preserving and valuing a territory which is as unique and full of potential as Colli di Parma, for which it had been love at first sight.

The agricultural experience and the culture of work, constituting the main part of the family heritage, are the pillars of our plan. What we then combined is the principle of sustainability,  leading to a “zero impact” on the grapes and on the environment, and the passion for the personality of our wines, so different from each other, direct and uncompromising.

avventura familiare

Sustainability: the SQNPI system

Starting from 2019 our constant commitment for the protection of vineyards, soil and surrounding environment has become official. The Winery has indeed joined the specifications of the Integrated Production National Quality System, aimed at the protection of men’s and environmental health, respecting the criteria of full sustainability and keeping to a minimum the impact of productive activity on nature. This certification sums up our ongoing commitment for the conservation and the enhancement of soil fertility, preventing erosion and therefore protecting  the plant and animal life inhabiting our vineyards.

A terroir to be rediscovered

The history of viticulture on the hill of Guardasone dates back to the XIV century, when the first written evidences attesting the presence of very good quality wines on the slopes right below the Castle were created.

A very careful initial mapping of all our vineyards has immediately revealed the origins of this long and old tradition, allowing us to perceive the uniqueness of our terroir. In a few kilometers, on the main hill and in the immediate surroundings, an incredible variety of soil types coexists, all different for composition and characteristics. What these soils have in common is undoubtedly their submarine origin; they were indeed uncovered by the withdrawal of what was called the “Padano Gulf”, that millions of years ago used to cover the entire area, whose disappearance  generated many soil stratifications, extremely varied in terms of dating and typology.

The presence of organic matter, marine fossils, ancient clayey marls and a high concentration of limestone are all common features that can produce unique and strongly characterized results based on their combination.

More than sparkling wines

The protection and the preservation of local varieties always comes first; for this reason we carry on the production and vinification of Lambrusco (Maestri variety), Malvasia di Candia Aromatica and Barbera. In addition to these varieties, many other French grapes can be found in our vineyards, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These plants are all living testimonies of the heritage that the French domination and the figure of Maria Luigia (wife of Napoleon) have left in the wine culture of the entire Province.

Alex’s long standing passion and the expertise of our winemaker Alberto then brought to the creation of a Traditional Method Spumante on Parma Hills. Starting from the awareness of the great potential of our terroir in these terms, we have obtained many National and International certifications and awards over the years, with “Cerioli X Brut” first (Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay) and with “Cerioli Zero Nature” then (100% Barbera Spumante).

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