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Production and Winemaking

Quality, tradition and innovation

We started out from a few thousand bottles and from 20 hectares of land; step by step we have more than doubled both the production and the hectares, without ever losing sight of our main goal: quality

From vine-growing to winemaking, the combination of experience, tradition and technological innovation enables us to produce excellent wines in full accordance with their own nature.

A very small quantity of sulphites

Since the beginning our distinctive characteristic is the very low quantity of added sulphites,  which is always way inferior than the allowable margin; the exact amount of sulphites is specified on all our labels. Sulphites are naturally produced by the fermentation of must, but they can be added in variable quantities as preservatives and stabilizers. Alex’s sensitivity to this allergen has acted as the decisive push that has encouraged us to carry on a responsible and very low use of these additives, seen as a further consumer protection.


Every single step in the entire production cycle is handled with the utmost care, starting from the preparation of the soil, which is covered with grass and cultivated according to the criteria of sustainable agriculture, and from the trimming process, carried out according to the “soft” trimming system “Simonit & Sirch”, with a cutting system that fully respects the vegetative balance of the plants, allowing a continuity of lymphatic flow, generating healthier and long-living vines.

The rigorously manual harvest allows us to make a first selection of grapes directly on the plants, which is then completed at the winery, on the specific vibrating belt that only sends the best fruit to the fermentation tanks. After a soft pressing in a pneumatic press, the fermentation always takes place in stainless steel tanks, with a constant monitoring  of temperatures and oxidation. 

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