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Oinoe is an official partner of Teatro Regio di Parma

On Tuesday, September 2021, just a few days preceding the official opening of Festival Verdi, Oinoe Winery in Traversetolo has officially presented the pride of its production: the “Cerioli X Brut Annata Speciale Teatro Regio”, dedicated to the city’s Opera Theater.

Alex Cerioli, owner and founder of the winery, has welcomed the General Director of the Foundation Dott.ssa Anna Maria Meo, within the walls of the winery and in the very heart of the production of Traditional Method wines on our hills; a special tour un tour has been dedicated to all the products of the Winery and to the special techniques resulting in the creation of such an excellent product as the Spumante Metodo Classico.

It was our very first harvesting season, back in 2013, that marked the beginning of a personal challenge in terms of the production of a top quality Traditional Method Spumante on the hills of Parma. Since 2013 “Cerioli X Brut” has come a long way; mentioned in 2020 among the very best traditional method wines in Italy according the official Vinitaly International Guide, it has also obtained many National and International awards and recognitions.

“The greatest honor unquestionably is to have crowned such a special partnership, dedicating an entire special vintage to an Institution such as Teatro Regio di Parma, that has always filled with pride both the citizens of Parma and the whole Territory. Every single bottle of “Cerioli X Brut Teatro Regio”, with its own custom box in a limited edition, has been designed as a celebration of the Theater and its elegance, a tribute to refinement and a exaltation of our territory. Two entities, representing local excellence, joining in a unique toast”.

These are the words of Alex Cerioli, extremely excited at the prospect of a very significant partnership, based on friendship and collaboration, with such an important Institution.

Two are the main aspects pointed out by the General Director, Dr. Meo. First of all, the important connection between the fruition of culture and conviviality, exemplified by the ancient and still practiced tradition of “retropalchi”, where fine dining and culinary excellences meet music and Opera.

Secondly, the Director mentioned the importance of Teatro Regio di Parma Foundation as the main cultural institution in the area; the Theater plays a fundamental role in the communication and marketing of our territory, inside and outside our national borders.

“Music carries with it our good living, traditions, lifestyle and the extraordinary standards of Parma’s gastronomy and food and wine production, which definitely deserves more consideration in terms of wine-making”.

With these words Dr. Meo describes the driving force of the Theater that projects the image of our food and wine excellences and our land’s most virtuous producers in a National, European and also Global perspective.

A special note of merit has been addressed by the Director to Cerioli X Brut Teatro Regio’s special box, manufactured with an extremely careful collaborative work, managed by the winery and the Theater. This box perfectly embodies the dimension of elegance and style that has always carried the substance and shape of the Theater, and never will stop carrying it.

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