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The hill of Guardasone rises between the Enza river and the Termina torrent, its confluent. It is located at the south-eastern end of the DOC wines Colli di Parma area of production, an area that has always been known for its climate and its soils, perfect for the cultivation of vines.

The entire territory of Parma and its province were once covered by sea, as evidenced by the abundance of fossil remains in the marine sediments composing its soils.

All around the hill of Guardasone, our vineyards grow harmoniously upon silty and clayey soils, partly composed of ancient clay loams and generally very rich in limestone. These soils perfectly fit all the grape varieties traditionally grown in our territory, such as Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, Lambrusco Maestri or Barbera, thus espressing their aromatic and taste characteristics at best.

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The territory of Guardasone, already populated during the Middle Bronze Age, has been a very important field of battles and disputes among noble houses and rival families. An integral part of what once was the huge Matildic Feud, it still retains very important evidences of its past such as the Castle of Guardasone, whose first records date back to the XXI century, and the ancient and fascinating watchtower locally known as “Guardiola”.

The hill offers many different points of historical interest, and it is can also perfectly serve as a starting point for many  CAI signalled paths, hiking tracks and mountain bike tours along the coast dividing the two rivers, offering unique views and landscapes of great naturalistic interest.

Guided Tours

Oinoe gives its visitors a chance to learn more about the Colli di Parma territory, the wines it produces, the production techniques and the history of the winery. After a tour, it is always possible to stop for a wine tasting, also paired to our Dop regional products. Guided tours are also available in English and French.

Tasting Room

The tasting room on the first floor offers a panoramic view on our Barbera vineyards. It can host small and big groups of visitors for guided tastings of our wines and personalized tasting laboratories.


The winery is surrounded by many paths crossing all our vineyards, open to all those who want to explore the birthplace of our wines. A full immersion into the colors and flavors of the Oinoe Universe.

The trails

The hiking trails run on what once was the heart of the huge Matildic feud, along the same paths once followed by renowned personalities such as the Italian poet Francesco Petrarca.

Along the way, always marked by apposite signs, it will be possible to admire the remains of the ancient watchtower known as “Guardiola”, built in the XIV century, and the Castle of Guardasone, a manor dating back to the XII century, owned by the Counts of Canossa and a very important battlefield; From the top of the hill, a panoramic view includes the remains of the medieval Castle of Canossa built in the Xth century, where Ludovico Ariosto, author of the poem “Orlando Furioso”, lived for many months, and the Castle of Rossena with its tower.

Among the many points of interest also stands our oldest vineyard, planted more than 50 years ago by the world famous tenor Gianni Raimondi.

The hiking trails can always be carried out autonomously. Both experiences can be guided by an expert hiking guide who will further explore the local flora and fauna, the long history of the Guardasone hill, the local products and grape varieties and many other themes.

We strongly recommend to contact the winery in order to have more information concerning the accessibility of the trails based on the weather conditions and to reserve a wine tasting or a tour of the winery.

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