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Oinoe counts a total of 17 labels, produced with 12 different grape varieties.

The local tradition and character are perfectly represented by our sparkling wines, a classic expression of the Emilia territory including three different types of Lambrusco. More than these, our production also includes several still wines, Metodo Martinotti spumanti and two Classical Method spumanti.

The bottles


Our bottles are unique and unmistakeable.

The packaging is studied in every detail, to represents the importance that we always give to the quality and authenticity of our products.

Every bottle (with just a few exceptions) is individually satinized, assuming an opaque and silky aspect; this special treatment protects the wine from sunlight and from external sollicitations that could potentially harm its quality.
The names are mostly inspired by the myth of Dyonisus, the Greek God of wine; each one is followed by a number, whose logic divides the products based on their typology making them even more recognizable and easy to identify. The embossed vortex on each label symbolizes the Dionysian “vortex of inebriation”.

After the labelling process, each bottle is manually wrapped in a special tissue paper that will work as an additional protection during transport and handling.

11.0 Bocanegra

the second best Lambrusco wine in Italy, selected by Luca Maroni. The freshness and the vivacity of Lambrusco Maestri combined with the softness of Ancellotta grapes. One of our flagship products.

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15.0 Mèstor

our interpretation of a 100% Lambrusco Maestri wine, Colli di Parma certified DOC.

Fresh, tannic and with a typical intense and concentrated color. The ideal territorial pairing for cold cuts and DOP cheeses from the province of Parma.

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A 100% Lambrusco del Viadanese, celebrating the origins of the Cerioli family. It is produced with a traditional style, symbolized by its classic old-style bottle, recalling the ones used by our grandfathers, intentionally lacking of a capsule, “like the old days”.

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Rosso dei colli di Parma DOC, produced with Barbera and Bonarda grapes counting more than 50 years of history: the oldest vineyards in all our property. A full-bodied and intense red, obtained through a slight over-ripening on the plants and a long aging, in oak tonneaux first and inside the bottle then. A limited edition in 1,5 L Magnum bottles is also available.

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7.0 Pentelico

A 100% Merlot produced from our vineyards on top of the Guardasone hill, on a special soil composed of clayey marls and very rich in limestone that gives intense and varied aromatic features to the wine. The stainless steel aging keeps it fresh and easy to drink, ideal for meat second courses and simple dishes.

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1.0 Evoe

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc aging in stainless steel tanks for twelve months first, and in oak barriques for other twelve more months before a final aging inside the bottle. A complex and rounded wine, rich in secondary aromas and with a full persistence, ideal pairing for rich and elaborate first courses and red meat.

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12.0 Una rosa è

A rosé spumante, obtained through the soft pressing of 100% Barbera grapes. One of our flagship products, ths wine has obtained many awards, such as the special WineHunter award in three editions of the Merano Wine Festival. Extremely easy to drink and perfect as a happy hour, also a good pairing for appetizers and simple first courses.

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10.0 Ambrosia

A sweet and sparkling wine, perfect expression of the aromaticity and freshness of White Moscato grapes. Very rich in primary aromas, with fruity and flowery notes, ideal pairing for bakery products and desserts.

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2.0 Virgo

100% still Sauvignon Blanc, more than once cited and appreciated by local and international guides. A semiaromatic wine, it is rich in varietal aromas, fresh and easy to drink, to be paired with appetizers and  quite simple fish dishes.

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14.0 Sabitu

This sparkling wine is produced with 100% Malvasia Aromatica di Candia grapes, prince variety of our terroir. Its production method is specifically conceived to bring out the typical olfactory profile of this aromatic variety. An explosion of aromas and bubbles, perfect definition of our terroir.

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16.0 Mélos

Sauvignon Blanc is one of those grape varieties that were imported from France more than 200 years ago; a result of the French domination that has marked our territory for a long period of time. We have transformed it into a very local sparkling version which is perfectly depicted by this wine: fresh, aromatic, clean and bitterish on the final.

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Since 2016, its first vintage, the spumante millesimato Magno has been awarded many prizes and recognitions, becoming one of our flagship products in just a few years. A Martinotti method wine, made with Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay grapes, simple and easy to drink. The ideal match for a happy hour and appetizers.

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Cerioli X Brut

A personal challenge undertaken by the owner, Alex, the Classical Method wine  Cerioli X Brut has now reached a total of 60 months of aging on its lees in our underground cellar, reaching excellent results. A blend of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay with shiny golden shades and a complex olfactory and taste profile.

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Cerioli Zero Nature

Our last challenge in terms of Classical Method wines, this pas dosé spumante is produced with 100% Barbera grapes, immediately separated from their skins after the pressing process, in order to obtain a soft and delicate pink color. It ages inside the bottle for about 25 months.

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4.0 Rea

A non-conventional Malvasia Aromatica di Candia , vinified alone in a less traditional still version. A complex wine with a much structured olfactory profile, resulting from a very thoughtful production process and a 6 months aging on its lees. Warm and structured, it matches perfectly with rich and aromatic dishes.

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8.0 Ikario

100% Chardonnay, this still wine ferments and ages exclusively in stainless steel tanks. It is a very local expression of a worldwide known and produced International variety. Warm and silky, it mantains a very good freshness that makes its mouthfeel perfectly balanced.

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